Ridge Partners Services

chess piece Vision and stratgey

Ridge Partners offers rigorous strategy development to instill a commitment to action.

We can assist industries, enterprises or agenices by:

  • Designing processes that motivate people and capture new value
  • Using the power of vision-setting to create a focus on future opportunity
  • Harnessing scenario-planning to drive planning
  • Adopting a "whole of value-chain" focus to corporate and industry planning
  • Facilitating with confidence - ensuring the rigor of research and market-industry intelligence underpins assumptions
  • Using a range of strategy and governance development tools to facilitate process
  • Facilitating changes in organisational alignment with strategy to give staff greater engagement to the business.

decision support Decision and Support

Ridge Partners enriches the information reaching decision makers by combining corporate advisory rigour with agrifood insight.

We can assist industries or enterprises by:

  • Supporting directors and managers through key commercial decisions
  • Assessing business or intellectual property values based on future potential
  • Adding value through objectivity
  • Enhancing the value of our decision support with strategic underpinning based on industry analysis, market reality, and product research
  • Interpreting results in languages used by the board, managers and stakeholders.

Research and analysis Research and analysis

Ridge Partners provides a range of market and industry research capabilities - industry analysis, market research, and stakeholder consultation in a variety of contexts.We can assist industries or enterprises by:

We can assist industries or enterprises by:

  • Conducting desktop data collection and analysis
  • Preparing literature reviews using academic and popular literature
  • Facilitating study tours
  • Conducting executive interviews
  • Designing and facilitating focus groups
  • Designing and conducting telephone surveys
  • Designing and conducting mail and internet surveys.


change management Change management

Ridge Partners works with industries, agencies and enterprises to develop appropriate responses to changing environments and stakeholder expectations.

We can assist industries or enterprises by:

  • Facilitating industries, industry segments, or enterprises to undertake long-range strategic planning and improved governance
  • Assisting in the review of the feasibility of industry services
  • Managing change in stakeholder expectations
  • Reading and positioning for change in the marketplace
  • Undertaking risk management reviews.


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